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P13 - Double-Sided Cardstock Tags 10/Pkg - Lady's Diary - #02 Banners

P13 - Double-Sided Cardstock Tags 10/Pkg - Lady's Diary - #02 Banners (P13LAD22)


Lady’s diary”designed by Marta Piekarczyk . We love floral papers. They are perfect for any occasion. We also like it when our papers are tied to a theme too. This time we combined beautiful flowers with feminine accessories. Lady's diary collection is filled with wonderful graphics of cosmetics, clothes and gadgets, which are inseparable accessories of almost every girl.



P13 is a company owned by a mother-daughter team, art and craft passionates. We’ve been in this business since 2006. Everything we do, we do wholeheartedly – from the very first idea, until sending the products to customers.

We try to dot the i’s and cross the t’s at all stages of our work, constantly bringing you new products. All our collections are created with an amazingly talented Dream Team of highly creative people.

We strongly care about our product quality same time making them easy to work with. At each production stage we think what else could be improved to make them easier to create. We print fussy cutting elements on the covers or to print our paper packages on the same paper to use them later. Do not throw them away. Be #lesswaste. Produced in Poland.