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Ciao Bella - Rice Paper Sheet A4 - Notre Vie - Cards

Ciao Bella - Rice Paper Sheet A4 - Notre Vie - Cards (CBRP185)


Jacques Prévert is one of the most loved poets by Ciao Bella. Some of us grew up carrying a book of his poetry rolled up in back jeans pocket or purse. One of those books that you fold, crumple, underline, on which you write notes. You know that sooner or later it will start to lose pages but its content will stay with you forever, printed in your heart. Les enfants qui s’aiment, Trois allumettes, Cet amour, Barbara, Le jardin... The watercolors and bright summer color palette we’ve created for this collection are dedicated to Prévert’s poems, to the city as perhaps he would have told it today through the little stories of women and men who love and live their life in a city that is not just a city but a world.


Ciao Bella, the newest company from Italy brings inspiration with a different perspective from across the globe.