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13@rts - Stencil 6x6 - Aura Rose - Damask

13@rts - Stencil - Aura Rose - Damask (ARTS558)

Designed by Aida Domisiewicz


Stencil having a thickness of approx. 1 mm, dimensions: approx. 15x15 cm., flexible made of translucent plastic.


Come gaze into the great beyond! This rich collection observes the night sky in all it splendor. Using all the deep colors of night and the twinkling of gold gives you the feeling of being surrounded in the beauty the unknown above us. Let it take your creativity to new heights!


We are so excited to be offering 13@rts to you. This company comes to us all the way from Poland and has designers with a unique point of view. Mixing prints and backgrounds, line art and watercolor to achieve a look that is different and new. You will fall in love with all of their collections, it's had to pick just one!